Tenting vol. 3

Back in California for a short trip – oh!.. How I missed that light. Photographic artwork – California 2017 © Nina Marquardsen


I usually never mix my photography – or my artwork, since it’s very often beyond photography – with stories from my personal life. But this summer the hubby and I are building a house (or having a house built – more accurately). So I find […]

Early morning at work

This picture had hid itself in my over-stocked icloud folder. I found it after 4 e-mails from Apple telling me to clean up. It was taken an early morning during the winter in Copenhagen in the office of Svendborg Architects and Atelier Lise Juel. Photographic […]

Golden – noch ein mal

It seams to be a reoccurring theme for me this golden light – As a person I am extremely color driven, love colors in general, but especially the warm scale and particularly I seam to be drawn to golden. When in school in Switzerland, a friend and […]


Another shot from Christmas morning, see “Winter sun” Photographic print – Denmark 2016 © Nina Marquardsen

Looking out – again

…. And we’re back in the game! Finally spring is here and the light has returned to Denmark. After being used to the eternal sunshine of California and the ever present sunlight as a basic condition for working with photography, it’s been a very long and […]

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Purple Rain

It’s cold, dark and raining in Copenhagen today, so I’m dreaming about light and color while missing my previous home in Palo Alto. Photographic print – Denmark 2015 © Nina Marquardsen